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The Master of Finance and Control (MFC) Programme is one of the prestigious and more demanding Programme of Patna University, the Seventh Oldest University in India established in the year 1917. The MFC Programme is being organised and run by the Department of Applied Economics and Commerce since the year 2007. The Degree of Master of Finance and Control (MFC) awarded by the Patna University is recognized throughout the World.

The Master of Finance and Control (MFC) Programme offers a two-year comprehensive MFC Course designed to provide a sound foundation for understanding the complexities of modern business and to equip the students with the analytical tools required for scientific decision-making. Thus, its basic objective is to train and equip the student with the analytical tools required for taking up managerial responsibilities in business enterprises.

The Programme which includes teaching of Principles and Practices of Management, Marketing, Organisational Behaviour, Business Environment, Management Information System, etc., is also designed to acquaint the students with all the important functional areas in business such as Finance, Marketing, Banking, Insurance, Stock Exchanges and other Financial Institutions, etc. The theoretical foundation built in the students is reinforced by subjecting them to the rigors of Summer Training Programme and writing a Project Report so that during the course of the training itself, they may be in a position to test their knowledge of theory in its application to practical propositions.

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