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In the present day competitive world, especially in the light of Economic Liberalisation, which led to open / free market policy for the Corporate Sector, there is demand of specialised and professional personnel in the decision-making process. Keeping in view the prevailing scenario of the corporate world and in tune with the future strategic parameters, the MBA Programme has been tuned with the following objectives:

To provide opportunities to the students of different disciplines to join the Programme to be well acquainted with the managerial capabilities in their careers.

To develop special competency among the management students to meet and handle the changing scenario in the fields of Industry and Trade as well as ever increasing Service Sectors.

To provide an excellent managerial competence among the students for meeting the present and future challenges of business organization in the free economic system of the world.

To make students well equipped with the broad spectrum of knowledge of Management of Finance, Marketing and Human Resource so that they may be more professional and specialised in their respective fields.

To ‘Create a Think Tank’ of excellent managerial inputs for present and future Research & Development in the areas of Management.

To provide managerial inputs to the Small Sectors (SSI Units) so as to make the entrepreneurs-cum-managers more professionals in managing their units.

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